Optimized content storage added in new app release

On Saturday, January 13th, we will be rolling out a new version of our Appspace App.

What’s new?

This update contains an enhancement for clearing the internal content cache when un-registering devices that ensures no legacy content remains in local memory.

Business as usual

As always, this new release includes some bug fixes and improvements related to escalation cases. For a detailed view of what’s contained in the app, please refer to the release notes.


Ciro Izarra

Ciro is a Technical Marketing Engineer. He joined Appspace in 2013, working at Dallas HQ before moving to the Los Angeles area so he can get up later than everyone else in the company. His musical tastes are stuck in the 90's, he reads and watches anything that has a dragon or a lightsaber in it and is enjoying the new adventure of becoming a father.

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