How to share Google Slides on your digital signage

If you’re looking to share Google Slides content on your digital signage TVs, then check out the Google Slides card from our developer community.

By pasting the share URL of your presentation, this card can show your information in animated glory on any device running the Appspace App – with no need to repurpose the presentation into another format.

You can also add a lot more information to give your team more context about the presentation, when to use, when not to use it, and include links through to other material they may find helpful.

To learn more about the Google Slides card, or to access our developer community, contact us here.


Darren Colclough

Darren is Appspace's Director of Marketing. He joined Appspace in 2005 working out of London, before moving to Dallas. With 15 years of industry experience, he has a wealth of knowledge, a global perspective and a naive belief that Arsenal will win the Premiership this year.

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