Important news if you are using Windows Server 2008

For on-prem administrators of Appspace, the Appspace 6.0 software will be the final version compatible with the Windows Server 2008 platform.


Our engineers have confirmed that Appspace 6.1 (due around early June 2017) will only support the 2012 platform.

Any customers wishing to upgrade to Appspace 6.1 will need to migrate to 2012 before upgrading to the latest software. However, from our records, it does seem that the majority of on-prem customers are already operating from the newer platform today, so for many you are ahead of the game – nice work!

If you need to migrate to Windows Server 2012, our Knowledge Center contains an article to help make this as painless as possible. You can find it here.


Darren Colclough

Darren is Appspace's Director of Marketing. He joined Appspace in 2005 working out of London, before moving to Dallas. With 15 years of industry experience, he has a wealth of knowledge, a global perspective and a naive belief that Arsenal will win the Premiership this year.

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