Appspace Public Cloud update to 6.1-ac.10

In the latest version of the Appspace content management platform we’ve focused on bug fixes and the user experience.


Our engineers have cleaned up 15-20 little niggling bugs (a handful reported by users, but mostly ones that we felt needed sorting) – so we hope that makes life a little less frustrating for everyone.


One thing you won’t be able to miss is the updated login page, system pages, and email templates that now carry our new brand. Consistency is important to us, and although it offers no additional functionality to users, it sure is nicer to look at. 🙂


With customers moving to new devices supported by the Appspace App we thought it time to lay SIP to rest. It’s been a little while since Cisco announced the End-of-Life of the Edge 340, (which was the only device to support SIP Call) so we are finally removing it from our advanced signs widget library. #RIPSIP

To see the release notes in full click here.



Darren Colclough

Darren is Appspace's Director of Marketing. He joined Appspace in 2005 working out of London, before moving to Dallas. With 15 years of industry experience, he has a wealth of knowledge, a global perspective and a naive belief that Arsenal will win the Premiership this year.

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